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Glacial Hazards: Views from Canada and Russia
Report on the Second Project Workshop

The second project workshop was held in Moscow, Russia, on 16-24 February 2007.
Participants: S.G. Evans (NPD), S.S. Chernomorets (PPD), D.A. Petrakov (Co-Director), O.V. Tutubalina, I.N. Krylenko, M.S. Shakhmina, A.M. Tarbeeva, A.A. Aleynikov.


Moscow State University


Prof. Evans and Dr. Tutubalina prepare a joint paper about Kolka Glacier disaster

The workshop started by discussion of the current project activities. Preparation of papers about Kolka Glacier disaster continued. Fieldwork in the Caucasus in summer 2007 and other project plans were discussed.

Much of the project mapping efforts are being carried out with involvement of Moscow State University students in Cartography&Geoinformatics and Cryolithology&Glaciology departments. In the beginning of the workshop week Professor S.G. Evans attended selected defences of dissertations, prepared by students involved in the project. These were: Glacial lakes in the Central Caucasus: identification, mapping and hazard assessment by M.S. Shakhmina and Mapping glacier and debris flow hazard and vulnerability in the Central Caucasus by A.N. Kapitanov. Students are supervised by Dr. Tutubalina and Dr. Chernomorets.

On 21 February 2007 Professor S. G. Evans gave a talk entitled Geomorphic Processes Related to Catastrophic Ice Loss; a View from Canada. This was arranged in the framework of a Cryolithology&Glaciology Department Research Seminar, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University. The talk was attended by over 30 faculty and students and followed by questions and llively discussion.


Discussions following the talk given by Professor S.G.Evans on Geomorphic Processes Related to Catastrophic Ice Loss; a View from Canada


Student A.N. Kapitanov defends his dissertation, based on the work carried for this project

A parallel workshop on Mt. Elbrus: 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year research was organised by Russian project teams and took place in the evening of 21January 2007 at the Moscow State University. Glaciers of Mt.Elbrus, their retreat and resulting glacial hazards were in the focus of the talks. Some of the presentations concerned the north slope of Mt. Elbrus, which will be one of the key field work areas for this project in summer 2007. The Mt. Elbrus workshop was chaired by Dr. Chernomorerts. Several participants of the 1957-59 field expeditions and many scientists involved in later research, as well as many glaciology students were present. Professor Evans, Dr. Petrakov, Dr. Tutubalina and several more members of the Russian project teams attended and took part in discussions.


Seminar on Mt. Elbrus: 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year research

Later during the project workshop preparation of talks and posters to the 2nd Alexander von Humboldt Conference on the Role of Geophysics in Natural Disaster Prevention (Lima, Peru, 05 09 March 2007) was conducted. Plans of field training in the Huaraz region, Cordillera Blanca, Peru were finalised and co-ordinated.

The new project website was reviewed and several additions were made, including:
Lake Melbern page, publications list, presentation on geomorphic processes related to glacier ice loss.

As part of dissemination efforts, Project Co-director Dr. Petrakov gave an interview for the Russian Federal TV Channel Culture (22 February 2007, program Black holes, white spots). Glacial impact to human life, glacial hazards, their prediction and mitigation were discussed. Earlier Dr. Petrakov was also interviewed by the UN Radio (29 January 2007) on the subjects of global warming, its influence on glaciers and consequences of accelerating ice loss.

Moscow, February 2007.



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